done Smile

Thanks Happy

we are 3rd Confused

I see Sad

Come on guys vote all....only 14 voted.... Evil

wow.. cheating(guessing).. people voting from another computer in different place

I agree with you! Vey Mad

I know that 2 or 3 cheated Smile
because every new account in FM someone get a new vote.

that stupid.

Woot!!! are they making extra accounts just to vote.

We are not sure.. but maybe some does (:

It looks like we are not going to win, even the 3 place xD

Oh my gosh ! WD had it onto the round 4 !
Congrats Smile . Vote for WD !

I voted for you Razz we are on 3 place :(

Done! Smile

Thanks guys! Happy

come on that not fair .. look to that:
they are cheating or don't have any sense Sad

They are not cheating but they have more users than we have :/ XD

Yeah that's correct they have more users to vote.

i voted you, that's why i found this site

All we need to do is just to have in the 3rd place .
We need to beat WA so that WD will win
Full Force ! Let's cooperate ! xD

Ya..we are on the 3rd place now Smile

we must be on the 3rd place at the final ...

i voted for you! =)
well, this is the last round Smile

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