Hello guys Happy
maybe this is the time to make do something for World Dezign..
well that's not hard it Happy
all you need to do it click this link and vote for World Dezign (:

And if we win then everything will go for World Dezign and we will improve it with what we will win (:
Thanks Wink

I did as Tony M Wink

Thanks guys! Happy

I did!

hehe thanks Happy
we have 4 votes now Wink

I did it,hope WD wins!

Thank you man Wink

If we have more people to vote then I'm sure WD! will win! Smile

Actually right (:
but for now WD has more votes than the others (:

what u win?

Don't know until now Happy

Happy cant waiting

Me too lol Happy

When this ends?

Don't know :/
they will say when it ends Happy
I will write to them ;D

Edit: In 1 week Smile

i will be gone camp in 1 week

aha ok Happy sad ha Wink

u better win! or ill sad face :(

haha Happy
I hope that WD will win Happy
So it will be the first time ;D

Lol WD! is the only one who have the most votes. Smile

If WD really win then i will make an awesome forum theme for all who voted Wink

Voted.. WD.

woot.. which theme?

Lol Happy
I said i will make one Wink


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