I come up to an idea of having this on my forum,..

the idea is similar to wowheads tool tip,

i'm thinking of creating a list of characters in the game i played, wrap each character + description in a container with ID,
(there goes the Load function)...

whenever a member of our forum post a battle report.. ofcourse it will contain the names of the characters..
what i want is when they submit their post, it will automatically be replaced by a link(there goes the replace funtion)...

the link will not bring the you anywhere, it will just have a "#", then when you click that link, it will slide up the description that is from the load function...

hmmm, do you think this is possible?
if jquery has the capacity to get info from a database, would that be much easier?

if you think that this is possible, can you create a small demo for me...

Hmm.. maybe its.. can i see something of "character + description" Smile

Hmm.. ok, i have a code:
if you write:
then it will display:
Chimera 1 Melee 3 Fire Breath Flying, Scales

I don't know if i can turn it into tooltip but i can try Happy

what i want is
if you write
it will be a link
chimera(when you click it toggles down the description)

Hmm.. good i think i can do this Happy

wow..take your time...i can manage to improve it, just work on how it will work...i can modify them..hehe

This is just a text:

hehehe...testing it on your forum eh...haha, link achieved...toggle remaining

Uff!! it won't toggle o.O

there's no way?

I may try later..

okay..ill sleep for now..thanks for trying,,,

any improvements....

It will not work Smile
Same with the tooltip :/
jQuery won't work in posts Smile

hmmmm, but the tooltip works on my forum, on posts

Then it looks that i have a bug on my forum Razz

yeah, debug it...hahaha...but can you have a rough code fore my request

so how are you able to replace the word chimera by a link?

using this:

var reptag=document.getElementById('testing');var x=reptag.innerHTML
;x=x.replace(/chimera/gi, '<a href="#" class="trigger">Chimera</a><div style="display: none;">description</div>');reptag.innerHTML=x;reptag.removeAttribute('id');

could you explain me that code..hehehe...each element

var reptag=document.getElementById('testing')
you must have a div with an ID "testing" around the text that will be censored Smile
;x=x.replace(/chimera/gi, '<a href="#" class="trigger">Chimera</a><div style="display: none;">description</div>');
So when we write a word called "chimera" then it be
"<a href="#" class="trigger">Chimera</a><div style="display: none;">description</div>"
a link with a class and after it a div that contains the description Smile

hmm do you mean if i post the word chimera alone, it will not have the link?

It will o.O xD

hmm...if i paste that on over-all header..will that work immediately?

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