So guys, since I'm bored I'm thinking about making a new giveaway theme, but this time it will make it pro!.
What i want to know is which color you want to be used in the theme Smile
Post your suggestions and i will pick the best colors Smile

why not Smile

Ok? nice colors Happy

boss edit my theme Razz
blue & white

@Irian, i already made a black one,
@PE!N, hmm you are close to what I'm designing now, with photoshop Happy

the heart's feelings is same us yours Razz

Light Gray or Light Brown Happy .

i don'y get it you want a new theme for this forum or a theme to download for the users ?

For the users Happy

Good job Gangster Wink

Of course no Razz
Hehe.. it would look better if I code Wink

That looks really nice.

Agree .

Can you make minecraft theme? or not?

No sorry.. I don't do themes requests Smile


When will this be out ?

Sorry but i don't have time :/

Aww .