World Dezign

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  1. First Impressions (Score: 20/20):
    First i've noticed you multi forum design. I most tell you that you did a pritty good job with that. Drop down menu for user control panel is aposollutely great, i suggest you to add that to all other parts of navigation bar since you navigation bar design is almost same as category name. Also i suggest you to add images to you navigation bar since the rest of you forum is exelent designed. You banner is very unique, i dont remember that i saw anything like it anywhere. I like the the buttons for "Hot topic / Recent Topic etc they are really helpfull especially for the staff member, makes theirs job easier. Forum statistics are nicely designed. I like the side bar menu but i think you should change the icons cause they are little more colorfull then the rest of the forum. You buyed you own domain name with credits which also very good. Forum is connected to all major social networks so members can easily follows you anywhere. "Search Box" is wide and good .
  2. Categories & Forums (Score: 10/10):
    Your categories are nicely splited, so there is no problem viewing them. Each forum have same number of forums, which is pritty nice cause there is not "bunch" of useless forum. You sub-forums are very good organised and i like the multiple forums with sub-forums too. Number of post and topics of forum are nice placed and well coded. Mini icon forum sub-forums are very nice. Thing that i like the most about mini icons is its place right on the top of forum icon, icons its also unique by the color and design and perfecly match to the forum.

Generalities total :: 30/30

Graphic Design & Layout

  1. Graphics (Score:20/20):
    Your banner is wonderful. It perfectly fit to the forum. Its not too big or too small its a perfect size. I like the idea that you added image of our planet and its a very unique as i already said, and makes a feel that we are safe with World Dezign.
    Navigation Bar
    As i already said. Maybe you should add some images to the navigations bar since the rest of the forum is apsolutelly well designed. Maybe its gonna better fit to the forum. Color is good. User control panel is an "unicorn", it have avatar image and rest of user options, and i never seen something like that.
    Forum Icons
    Fav icon fits to the forum style. Most of the icons are good, but some of the icons are too colorfull (like on side bar menu) and i think that they dont match the forum like the rest of the icons. I like the background of the icons which is deferent for each category. Icons for Hide/Show categories are nice and on good distance from the category name.
    'Who Is Online?' Image
    You have no "Who is online ? " image but you edited the template. You make it so it dont take much of a space in the botton of the forum and gives all what it needs to have.
  2. Forum Layout & Colors (Score: 10/10):
    You designed forum theme by your own and that makes forum more special. Buttons are good designed and very creative. I liked the design of "Hover Text Description" background, its black and with style. Topic list is wonderfull, it makes me feel like i`m in some game menu or something, i really liked but i think it adds a bit too much on you forum height. Try to make them with little less height. About topic body, it simse that you have more the only one "unicorn". I think its a blog style and i realy liked. There is no some bunch of borring icons that only makes forum ugly. "Keywords" on the bottom of topic boddy is something new.

Graphic Design & Layout total :: 30/30


  1. Population of Groups (Score:8 /10):
    I think that that you have only one group. Its good that you have premium members. You can try with some more groups and some more advantages.
  2. Staff Groups / User Groups (Score: 8/10):
    Staff is well organised. You have four staff group which is enough for this number of members. I didnt see any "Technicians" or "GFX Designers"online in the past day, so maybe you should check that out.. You have 3 forum administrators and i think that this too much, two is more then enough. Staff is good connected since you have "Staff Section".

Usergroups :: 16/20
Forum Activity

  1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity (Score: 8/10):
    Our users have posted a total of 8726 messages
    We have 178 registered users
    The newest registered user is face.odko
    This is pritty good since the forum is relativly new. But dont worry, with the time, more and more people will come since you are on good way.
  2. Users Active (Score: 7/10):
    Members connected during last 25 hours : askor, bsdd, Emanuel, Emilio, face.odko, Gangstar15, Guest ?!, Harperboy326, kalenv, losmerengues, Maki, mang, McStormify, Nemanjaa, NickFix, PE!N, Razvan, ReDMaD, Saxaca, sgeorge, spixy, Syndrome, TaZ
    Not many members visited forum for that day. Maybe you should add some new contests or any intresting activity that should raise you populatins up.

Forum Activity total :: 15/20 didn't have to write who did the review...but thank you buddy... Wink it was really hard to do review since i love this forum... Happy

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Excelente results. But i think they should be higher.

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