I've made a theme and wanted to give it away for premium members, but it looks like they don't like/need it Happy
Well, if you think that you like it or first take a look here:
and tell me what you think Happy
if you want it PM me and you will get the download link for it Smile

Looks nice gangstarrrrrrrrrr...

Glad u like it Happy

i might i need for my friend forum just need some code

Whoah that theme is 1 of the best I've seen Happy

Want it PM me Razz

Sent it through, it really looks quite nice!

Nice Gangstar15

Thanx Happy

not bad just very simple for your standard BIG G.

I know you are way better than this

Haha Happy
Thank you sean! Wink
--Long time no se Wink

nice =)

nice Smile

Dude it looks legit, Share it please.

I Thank You From Bottom of my heart.
This theme is really o-some and never seen this kinda art before, the good thing is free of cost.

Thanks once again, Keep going.

You're welcome and I'm that you liked it Smile

the link to the theme isn't working ..

i think is a problem with hitskin because sometimes the link works and sometimes it dosen't

My reasoning was that those that can't find the link was that they didn't read the comments.

no man i tried all the link's but sometime is working and sometime no ..

I see. Hitskin might have something on then.

yes on hitskin i think it is a big problem because if you try to install a theme dosen't install propely