Made this a few months ago, and I liked the outcome, so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Nice, nice & nice Wink
But isn't it too big Happy?

Thanks Smile

On the forum I go on such as GFX Freeze, EA, Forza, the signatures can be this size, or somewhere around this size.

Ok Happy
But i like the size same as the image slider in this forum..

Yeap, I can make signatures like that.

Whats the size ?

width: 415px;
height: 85px;

Wow, thats very small for what im used to Wink

I like signatures of footballers, which requires alot of height. However, I will try to make signatures of that size.

I will still post my other sigantures I made of my height, to get feedback Smile

Yah sure Happy and you are right :d

Very Nice and Clean Smile

it a little to bright