What are the themes you would like to see in future SOTW competitions?
Any ideas?

Sotw? hmmm, kinda cool, if we are not focusing on sigs, but as for my suggestion,

sexy celebrities!

xD no one enter SOTW's in WD Happy

uhhh, so if you start it, it's either you or me who will win?hahaha...
btw, what if i win this? do i get an achievement?

ya.. but we don't start it Happy

Lol...achievement...that remind me on WoW xD

Hmm, perhaps a video game sort of thing?

I will soon make a SOTW contest and I hope that many will enter Smile

Awesome. I love making graphics, though my style is completely different from most people's.

I think maybe a theme, but the User has to have prof that it is hes/shes. If not that a forum Icon set.

World Dezign is the theme! Cool