this is to wierd every arab country is doing protest and it isnt good i just want this protest to stop

Well, not really new stuff to hear.. we've been hearing about this 24/7 here in Norway Tounge

ya well im living there and someone i know has got shot by a tank bullet and it made a hole in his stomach

there is a lot of thing no one will hear about it
||~we are having street wars with the goverment since Feb and a lot have been killed.
||~ 5 ministers each have over 300,000,000,000 US Dollar in swis banks.
||~ 40,000 fake solider ... who is taking their salaries??

but did u hear a bout that?? if all killed no one will know so thank your god.
40 years we are living in lies .. and USA give our leader the badge of peace.
ha for oil and gas US will create it's own laws and mute who say no.
they help all the countries who have oil .. but look to YEMEN, hundreds die everyday
but US only smile and take actions because it doesn't have oil

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