i want to remove some bbcode button above the message you post.

i only want the image url and the youtube video bbcode button.

any help?

What's your forum version?


It's in your Post & Private Messages, posting_body section. I never really tried but Gangstar might know some. He loves playing around the contents there.

do you mean in the quick reply or in the posting body? (:

the posting body

Okay Happy
Just to make it easer,, you can search for fx. "Bold" then you will find its input code just remove it and that's it (: and do the same with the others (:
also in posting_body (:

i did this but it messed everything up :/

Even though i havent used FM for half a year,using firebug i think i found what the selectors are Razz
I will give you the code for the bold button and if it works i will give you the others as well Smile

What do you prefer?I will give you both CSS and JQuery

CSS Suspect


.addbbcode0 {display:none;}

JQuery Delicious


Make sure you embed that JQuery in your head tags if you have template editing as well as the whole library found here into again in your head tags Wink

Have fun Wink & Tongue

never worked :(

This will work 100% in any page but i dont have an idea about forumotion sorry :(