Hello Guest, To request graphics please ensure you use the following code to get the best of your request.

[b][color=#F70A0A]Request type:[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F7450A]Creation size (in pixels):[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F70A0A]Animation:[/color][/b] Yes / No
[b][color=#F7450A]Colors:[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F70A0A]Images to insert:[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F7450A]Font (supply a link):[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F70A0A]Font color:[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F7450A]My Forumotion Forum:[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F70A0A]Format to be saved in (optional):[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F7450A]Text to insert:[/color][/b] YOUR INFO HERE
[b][color=#F70A0A]Other Comments (optional):[/color][/b]

It'll look something like this

Request type: YOUR INFO HERE
Creation size (in pixels): YOUR INFO HERE
Animation: Yes / No
Images to insert: YOUR INFO HERE
Font (supply a link): YOUR INFO HERE
Font color: YOUR INFO HERE
My Forumotion Forum: YOUR INFO HERE
Format to be saved in (optional): YOUR INFO HERE
Text to insert: YOUR INFO HERE
Other Comments (optional):

  • Your forum is not allowed to be breaching Forumotion Terms of Service
  • You are not allowed to flame any member doing your request
  • You are allowed to bump your request every 24 hours. Excessive bumping will be resulted in request being refused and you getting a warning
  • You must fill in all required fields (also link is a required field), or your request will be refused
  • You are only allowed to create 1 request topic per time.
  • We do not take theme requests!

  • We only accept the following:
  • Affliate Button
  • Avatar
  • Banner
  • Buttons
  • Logo(No similarities to copyrighted or existing one)
  • Navigation Bars
  • Ranks
  • Signature
  • Userbar
  • Warning Bars

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