Hello users, as you may have noticed that world dezign home page was down ;D
now its back again with new style Happy
I used the same colors as the forum, just to make it match with it Happy
to show the homepage you need to click this link (:

Feedbacks are welcome Razz

Wow! Very great work there has been done, much better than the previous! Happy

Thumbs Up!

Glad you liked it Happy

Looks nice,cool work using JQuery tooltip Wink (even though i use it for extra comments XD )

Yes, the tooltip is funny. Good work with.. it!

Nice work gangstar15

It's nice, Good job.

Thank you all Happy
glad u like it ;P

It's a little messy but quite creative one the affiliations.
The fonts are a little too bright.
Perhaps you'll like some hovering effects for the fonts (like color transition?).

What font? Happy titles?
PS: Thanks ;D

I mean the contents. It's just a suggestion but you can use a darker color for the font. Use some color transitions when hovered.

nice home page ! Happy

Japo (: i will try ;D
Arch, Thanx Happy

tthe home page is soo nice i like how its colourful