i suggest that you buy a domain like

it will make the website more professional.

I already have planned for this (: but the problem is the money /: we only have 100 points

maybe set up a "gold membership" where when users donate $5.95 (witch is equal to 500 points)
you upgrade there account for special forums and extra features,

so you just go on the admin panel and click misc and it displays what user donated and how much points Smile

I know Happy we also already planned that Happy but i don't think that member will donate Razz

@ Gangstar15
Seriously? Only 100 activity points, or do you mean credits? My forum has 300 activity points Smile

@ This suggestion
It's an good idea. Everybody know that, really, it's no point in voting. There's only pros, no cons Razz
On that Gold Membership, it's an good idea, but not really refreshing, extraordinary and new.

And it's the cash part, as Gangstar15 said. is aviable, but not really free. But, if our marvellous members helps with activity, we may get one for FREEEE!

we have 1900 activity points.. but i donated 100 credits yesterday from my mobile (:
we hope that our member will help us just because we help them! Happy

How many do you need for a domain?

That's the spirit! I woulda donated a leap if i had cash Razz

1600 credits (:

i would also donate but i don't have a pay pal sorry

Thank you guys Happy its the same problem with me :/

me to i don't have paypal Happy

I have planned to add goolge adz in the forum to earn money (:
As about the theme request is for 2 $, but of course no one want to spend money on something like that..
But of course a small donation makes everything free Razz

Why not make when someone donate will got Points? or award? (EXAMPLE)

i would donate if i had paypal

All would Razz
guys, i really thank you all for supporting wd (:

We will soon buy a domain name (:

great this forum just keeps on getting better

Yes, a domain name would help us out a lot Happy

Suggestion accepted.