Well i try and try...and try to make mine background picture for Nivo Slider but cant make nothing nice like here, and i search at google tonight and find this question is...
1. how to create same size about slider like here at this link (same look like this)
2.same that little buttons left and right...and all that

With this i dont need background pictures, its nice size and better then before for me. If anyone know how to make this please help me, i have at forum slider but i dont create that Gangstar15 make, i try already to copy that all to other version forum but always i make s***. If someone want make this please tell me, i give admin no problem just you need to make that at other forum what i create (for you this is 5 min max) i need 1 year. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE


Mm You want that?

Yeas why not, its ok for me...its big and i can put some pictures, this now is small really, if you want i give you link and admin at pm, just post here please... THANKS FOR THIS

I cant do it.. maybe They will probaly released it.

ok no problem )))) i will wait someone

Just download it for free (if you want) at the Pricing page.

Sure no problem i know how to download ))) but where to start, what and where to copy paste??

Just copy the HTML to the homepage message (if you are to do it on only your homepage), CSS to your CSS, jQuery and javascript to your javascript code management (set Placement to homepage). It should work then.

Japorized please man i try and try and try always i make wrong, sorry i know you all help normal but if you can make that for me i will be happy...i can offer you only BIG THANKS (if you want try i give you admin and password no problem for that) i wanna same that size like what you can see at nivo page, like with all that little buttons and and......


Anyone free for this maybe?? I really need help with this...sorry i know billion times i ask for this.

UPDATE...SORRY always i got like before small one not like now how is showed at page from nivo slider
and where to find Gangstar15??? i search in all forums but nothing, its about this forum what he create really need some fix and like how i see only he know how to make changes

Look in tutorial - javascript for nivo slider

Same problem i got always really shadowz_au, i try all and i am little tired about spam at all forum about this nivo slider (maybe guys start to think i am nub ) hahahahaha. I will try to post at forumotion maybe someone know how to add this slider or here someone will see