So i wonder, what are your favorite PC games, and why?

Myself, i like Mass Effect alot.
It's just great how you can progress throughout the game by your own reactions, creation differend endings.
The story is just awsome, they really though about everything. It fits throughout all the chapter, even the side missions.
Also the game play is enchanting. Can't wait for the last part

Assassins creed.
Played all of them so far and they keep improving. Also great how the story blends in the game and how everything is based on real characters and events from the past.

The saboteur
I like it how this is so differend from any other sandbox and ww2 game. The story is great, with great twitsts.

Saints row
Played the second version yesterday. Way better then GTA honestly. It's like a mixture of Just cause 2 and GTA SA.
To bad the first one is not for PC, i'd love to know how it all started and how you ended in a coma for 5 years.
Can't wait for the 3rd, what i've seen so far, it'll be the best sandbox so far.

Can't wait for battlefront 3, i'd love to see frostbite 2 in action.
Also Call of juarez: the cartel seems great

i like light RPG games and of course the thanx for the slow internet Razz

world of warcraft <3

Jan wrote:world of warcraft <3
Honestly, that overplayed

LilJur wrote:
Jan wrote:world of warcraft <3
Honestly, that overplayed
i know but still, thats my first and only love Happy

Minecraft Smile

Jazeon wrote:Minecraft Smile

Smile Same. I host a classic server and i play beta at

If only the client where a player can still fly is available I'll still play in classic but then its no more.

People love fly on minecraft.. That seem cheating for me cause it not fun

The only thing I found annoying with my Mac is that I can't play many games. Crying
Lucky that I have an Acer which is in Windows but my siblings usually own it. So I'm kinda out with games.
I played Limbo recently and it's quite fun. I like games that tests my mind.

Portal 2 seems splendid to me and I'm downloading it to my PC now (not my poor Mac).

Portal is soo fun!! i havent play portal 2 b4

There not much game on mac.

Portal 2 is said to have better graphics and gameplay, with co-op.

So any games to suggest for Macintosh?

shadowz_au wrote:People love fly on minecraft.. That seem cheating for me cause it not fun
The reason behind why I liked to fly is for me to build stuff easier especially if I'm promoted as a advance builder in a certain server.

Cabal Online...Guild Basher Happy

I just played Mafia 2 , Doom , Obscure , Fear 1 it was totally good though imo.

Finished playing Portal 2. It rocks. xD
I love that ending... And SPAAAACE!!!!!! (quoted from Space Core)