how are u all??

ammm how to change the topic's pages

i hope it can be done Smile

Look in display - homepage - structure and hierarchy - scroll down

Can i see the forum? Smile

Okay can you put you topics_list_box here..

here it is boss:)

<!-- BEGIN topics_list_box --><!-- BEGIN row --><!-- BEGIN header_table --><!-- BEGIN multi_selection -->
<script type="text/javascript">
function check_uncheck_main_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}() {
   var all_checked = true;
   for (i = 0; (i < document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.elements.length) && all_checked; i++) {
      if (document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.elements[i].name == '{topics_list_box.FIELDNAME}[]{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}') {
         all_checked = document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.elements[i].checked;
   document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.all_mark_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}.checked = all_checked;
function check_uncheck_all_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}() {
   for (i = 0; i < document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.length; i++) {
      if (document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.elements[i].name == '{topics_list_box.FIELDNAME}[]{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}') {
         document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.elements[i].checked = document.{topics_list_box.FORMNAME}.all_mark_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}.checked;
<!-- END multi_selection -->
<table class="forumline" width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0">
      <th colspan="{topics_list_box.row.header_table.COLSPAN}" align="center" nowrap="nowrap"> ๑ـــوآڞيـــع </th>
      <th align="center" nowrap="nowrap" width="80"> ردۈد </th>
      <th align="center" nowrap="nowrap" width="100"> گآتب المۈڞۈξ </th>
      <th align="center" nowrap="nowrap" width="50"> ڜۈهد </th>
      <th align="center" nowrap="nowrap" width="150"> آפֿـر مڛآهمـﮧۧ </th>
      <!-- BEGIN multi_selection -->
      <th align="center" nowrap="nowrap" width="20"><input onclick="check_uncheck_all_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}();" type="checkbox" name="all_mark_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}" value="0" /></th>
   <!-- END multi_selection -->
   <!-- BEGIN pagination -->
      <td class="row1" colspan="7" align="right"><span class="gensmall">{PAGINATION}</span></td>
   <!-- END pagination -->
   <!-- END header_table --><!-- BEGIN header_row -->
      <td class="row3" colspan="{topics_list_box.row.COLSPAN}"><span class="gensmall"> <b>{topics_list_box.row.L_TITLE}</b></span></td>
<!-- END header_row -->

<!-- BEGIN topic -->
      <!-- BEGIN single_selection -->
      <td class="{topics_list_box.row.ROW_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle" width="20"><input type="radio" name="{topics_list_box.FIELDNAME}" value="{topics_list_box.row.FID}" {topics_list_box.row.L_SELECT} /></td>
      <!-- END single_selection -->
      <td class="{topics_list_box.row.ROW_FOLDER_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle" width="20"><img title="{topics_list_box.row.L_TOPIC_FOLDER_ALT}" src="{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_FOLDER_IMG}" alt="{topics_list_box.row.L_TOPIC_FOLDER_ALT}" /></td>
      <!-- BEGIN icon -->
      <td class="{topics_list_box.row.ROW_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle" width="20">{topics_list_box.row.ICON}</td>
      <!-- END icon -->
      <td class="{topics_list_box.row.ROW_CLASS}" onmouseover='this.className="row2"' onmouseout='this.className="{topics_list_box.row.ROW_CLASS}"' width="100%">
         <div class="topictitle">
            <h2 class="topic-title">
               <a class="topictitle" href="{topics_list_box.row.U_VIEW_TOPIC}">{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_TITLE}</a>
         <!-- BEGIN switch_description -->
         <span class="genmed">
            <br />
         <!-- END switch_description -->
         <span class="gensmall">{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_ANNOUNCES_DATES}{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_CALENDAR_DATES}</span> 
         <span class="gensmall">{topics_list_box.row.GOTO_PAGE}<!-- BEGIN nav_tree -->{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_NAV_TREE} <!-- END nav_tree --></span>

      <td class="row2" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="postdetails">{topics_list_box.row.REPLIES}</span></td>
      <td class="row3" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="name"><strong>{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_AUTHOR}</strong></span></td>
      <td class="row2" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="postdetails">{topics_list_box.row.VIEWS}</span></td>
      <td class="row3Right" onmouseover='this.className="row1"' onmouseout='this.className="row3Right"' align="center" valign="middle" nowrap="nowrap"><span class="postdetails">{topics_list_box.row.LAST_POST_TIME}<br />{topics_list_box.row.LAST_POST_AUTHOR} {topics_list_box.row.LAST_POST_IMG}</span></td>
<!-- BEGIN multi_selection -->
      <td class="row2" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="postdetails"><input onclick="javascript:check_uncheck_main_{topics_list_box.row.BOX_ID}();" type="checkbox" name="{topics_list_box.FIELDNAME}[]{topics_list_box.row.BOX_ID}" value="{topics_list_box.row.FID}" {topics_list_box.row.L_SELECT} /></span></td>
   <!-- END multi_selection -->
   <!-- END topic --><!-- BEGIN no_topics -->
      <td class="row1" colspan="{topics_list_box.row.COLSPAN}" align="center" valign="middle" height="30"><span class="gen">{topics_list_box.row.L_NO_TOPICS}</span></td>
   <!-- END no_topics --><!-- BEGIN bottom -->
      <td class="catBottom" colspan="{topics_list_box.row.COLSPAN}" valign="middle">
         <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
               <td> <span class="gensmall">{PAGINATION}</span></td>
               <td align="right"><a href="#top">{L_BACK_TO_TOP}</a> </td>
<!-- END bottom --><!-- BEGIN footer_table -->
</table><!-- END footer_table --><!-- BEGIN spacer --><br class="gensmall" /><!-- END spacer --><!-- END row --><!-- END topics_list_box -->

hmm.. okay now try replace this:

<div class="topics-paging">{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_NAV_TREE}</div>
remove this part:
save it and i will check it again Smile

Done Smile

boss where are u?? Crying

Is this solved?

Can i have the founder account?

Gangstar15 wrote:Can i have the founder account?
Incomplete post Gangster, you should tell him why you want the founder account.

To inform PE!N so he knows why Gangster needs the founder account:
Obviously the problem is within the templates, and the direction Gangster gave don't seem to help for you.
Therefor Gangster will do it for you, but only the founder can edit the templates

haha Happy 100% right Wink
You read my mind Razz

Gangstar15 wrote:haha Happy 100% right Wink
You read my mind Razz
You read my mind as well xD
Why'd you think i asked you to help me with the design of my site? Because i knew it sucked and i know that you'll make something i like xD

it have been sent Smile
THANX boss & LilJur

PE!N wrote:it have been sent Smile
THANX boss & LilJur
No problem.
Helping is what we do best, right Gangster?

Saxaca the devil is not here .. so gogo catch LilJur for me to gave him a big kiss Kiss Razz

O.O lol

up up Impatient

again up up Impatient

Wasn't it fixed? You said thanks though

no it's not Crying .. i thanked them cause they decided to help me

Oh... well i can't help right now, kinda busy

ok sir i shall wait Impatient

Eumh... i'm quiet busy for the incoming 2 weeks...

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