You should be able to have a spoiler inside another spoiler without it having a spoiler, then an opened-spoiler inside it.

Can you pls explain this little bit better? Smile spoilers everywhere Happy

I think he means this:

If you have a spoiler inside a spoiler, like so:

[spoiler][spoiler] :D[/spoiler][/spoiler]
And you open the first spoiler, it will automaticly open the spoiler inside that spoiler as well.

hmmmm....never tried that....even thats true, only Gangstar15 can solve that Smile

Maybe he did it on purpose.

Most people don't like spoiler piramides

Yes, but some people need to have this:

My Graphics!
Image 1
Image 2

No... you don't need that at all
Just say: examples of my work.

If you say "My graphics. Examples"
With my graphics they know enough, Examples is not needed. It's the same as saying "That pretty lady is beautiful" if you get my point

It would be good to have that though. I'd rather do it my way.

i'll see this with Gangstar15, but since this is not necessary i cannot guarantee that it will be changed Smile

Locked until further information. Smile

Sorry..its not possible to have a spoiler inside another spoiler Smile