Hi, i want to ask if there is a code something like:

<!-- BEGIN admin_mod_only_field -->
<!-- END admin_mod_only_field -->

the field will only be seen by admins or mods?

What is it exactly u only want to be shown to admins and mods??

This can be done from the ACP, without codes Smile (Permissions)

Well really imToph, it all depends what you want the Administrator and Moderators to see anyway. Is it a Forum all to themselves or is it text in a post for everyone to see? If it is the second one, I recommend just going with the first one and making a Staff Forum. To do this, you'll need to look to Gangstar15's post and let me explain it a bit more for you... ...You need to go to the Administrator and Moderator Rank Settings/Permissions and you need to set it so that only they can view the forum. Did that answer your question? If not, don't be afraid to ask us anything again! Happy

Gangstar? where permission?

forum permissions....when you creating new forum go to advace permission you will have some options... Smile