Yeah....we are second....we should be first...uh...that baby forum... Happy

so what is the prize for the 2nd and the first place?

I will wait for Typlo to send me the prize Happy
Thanks for all who voted!!

so can yo tell us what the prize is ?

I don't know xD

Congratulation to World Dezing, it really deserves it! Happy

Unknown Data wrote:Congratulation to World Dezing, it really deserves it! Happy


awesome great job gangstar

YAY gangstar!! They spell your name wrong Gangster15

Lol xD

This is a Goodnews from WD Members >Happy .
Congrats Gangstar15 Razz .

Congratulations to World Dezign for getting a definite acknowledgement from Forumotion users. Happy

We couldn't be in the 2nd place without our members Smile
The prize is, Forumotion make an Interview with me Happy

Congratulation World Dezing Smile & BOSS