how are u??

i use small pictures like medals such us this one :
how i can make it display what the meaning of the medal when the mouse come over it??


So you want to show a text, when you hover a image? Smile

Try use .attr() to set a attribute:

$(document).ready(function() {

thanx Suspect .. but how i use this one?? please??

Change IMAGEURL_TO_BADGE with the URL of the badge you wish to give a name, and replace NAME_OF_BADGE with the bagges title. Smile

You can add the code to your overall_header template or announcements etc. Smile

Thanx i'll try it first Smile

Remember to link to the jQuery library or it wont work, unless forumotion already do it for you Smile

aha .. and what this mean?? Stress

PE!N can you please stop trolling ? Thank you. Smile

<img src="" title="the title" />

sorry but i didn't understand what UD said.
boss your code is not working there:

if you use the Image list profile field there is already a place for the image url and another one for the image title

i know .. but some members have 5 badges Sad
and others non .. so it's difficult to make image list

You must wrap the script like:

<script>$(document).ready(function() {

Thanx boss & UD u are greats Smile
i owe u too much, so i'll pray for both of u to be happy all the time

haha Happy
thank you mate Happy

is it working for explorer??

it should Smile
because jQuery support all browser Smile

Hehe thanks and you're welcome. Happy

It should as Gangstar says. Though there are some tags it won't work with like the <button> and <input> in connection to the type. But it is be a little confusing if it won't work. Smile

ok .. thanx Smile