Alright, I have a main forum for tech support (As can be seen by visiting here). I have certain forums set up and everything. Well, to attract more members, I was going to add a whole new "page" for off topic things, and tings that can be fun but still on the ThatTechKid forum. I made a new page, like this.


What I am looking for is to add forums. Like on the main forum. But when I can edit my "Forum Extras" page, all I get is this:

So, what im asking is, is there a way to code "forums" onto my "Forum Extras" page? If so, that would be great!

Thanks guys!

Note: By posting my forum link, I am NOT trying to advertise. I am only doing it as a reference to my explanation.

I don't think that would be possible :/
I can't figure it out :/

Alright, then could I add some kind of table or something to keep organization? The I could put those in some Show/Hide tags and do it that way?

Well its easy to make the same category in a HTML page but when you click the links it will redirect to the forum index where the forums is Smile

yeah, so in my case, what would you do?

Its not possible to browse and post in forum via a HTML page :/

Maybe I can just add some widgets like a Twitter feed, and a Facebook like widget. That will work right?

I didn't get this .)
Widget for the forums? Smile

On the HTML page, I can add widgets right? Or anything that I want, but It can't browse or post in the main forum.

Yah you can Smile

Alright, thanks Gangstar!

=> Solved

Welcome Smile
I hope I helped you enough Happy
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