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How can I remove that ??? I do not want that to be displayed ever again... Can I remove it from the template ??

Thank you...!

You can use CSS to that.
I only know the selector for PunBB right know, but if you use another version, just write it down here, and I can find the selector for you. Smile


#pun-visit {
display : none !important;
*Don't think important is necessary, but I'm always using it to be sure (to lazy to test Razz)

dont want to promote,but you can also use Kindle


Oh and UD he asked for Complete Removal and not to hide it so i think that suits better Smile

lol, its promotion..hahaha

he asked for complete removal and thast the only way ; )

I'm allowing ghost1 to promote hes site (JavaScript framework) Smile

Thank you all !!! Solved Smile

Since this tread is solved i will lock the tread now.