Hey guys!

First off, I want to say that I dont know if this would fall under "Member Opinions" or not, but here is my suggestion.

Everyday, World Dezign helps users with coding and graphic designs. They go above and beyond all other forums to help their members, and I just think there should be a section that is devoted to testimonials. Where users could post how much they thank WD for all they have helped and taught. When I first started my forum, I knew nothing about coding, once I found WD, I have started to learn more and more. I just think this section will show future members and guest how much World Dezign actually does.

Like I said, if this kinda fits "Members Opinions", I apologize. I didn't mean to post a counterintuitive suggestion. But anywho, thank you for your time and for all of your help!


Nah...we do have members opinions...why do we need one more... Smile

I think its a good idea Happy
Maybe we should have a HTML page for only the good testimonials Happy
Like "What people say about world dezign"
See forumotion's here

Yeah, exactly Gangstar! I just feel that you guys here at WD do so much, and even though we say thanks, it would be nice for us as a community to give what we think! That's just me, I am very community oriented on my forum.

Yah i also want to know what users think about world dezign Wink
So even if the others don't want this suggestion then its accepted by me! Happy

Accepted by you > accepted my me Razz even's that you can do that by "user's opinion" Smile

Well, currently I'm working with testimonial HTML page Happy

OK....then... Happy
This is accepted and locked. Thank you for your suggestion.