what are the disadvantages and advantages of each..
what would you recommend and why?

I like Punbb because its VERY easy to edit! Happy no limits Happy
I don't like phpbb2 because it was built with tables only :/

that's what im thinking too. phpbb2 set limits to your imagination..abd that sucks...some variables are in'll have a crap if you move them..

Right right mate Happy

oh so that's it..well ive created a test forum, so i could switch to punbb in 30 minutes, i will do all the editing there and copy paste everything..haha, its easy to edit punbb rocks for me and about the others

They will of course say the same or i will kill them! Happy

hahaha, well lets just don't kill the topic, since it's a general discussion, hahaha, maybe they have their own perspective

Kill me... Don\'t Cry ....i love invision....

You will be removed from the staff, sorry Crying

Don\'t Cry I cant live with that....please kill me... Happy

Lol Happy "Silence, I kill you!" Silent

Ahahaha...Achmed... Razz...well i dont want this post be off where can i find something for invision...i dont want to bother you every time i need something Happy

Haha ok sorry xD
Come to msn so we can talk because you can't find something for invision Happy

i'm phpbb2 cause i don't have any codes for punbb Razz

Pweeze let me into msn. I am superior in sarcasm skills! Cool
phpBB3 rocks, though.

heeeeeeeeeeeey me too Evil

Pros: Easy edit and modification
Cons: I didn't find anything yet... Razz

Pros: Modification
Cons: Built with a lump sum of tables which limits modification to it

Pros: Sleek and simple
Cons: No direct modification, requires a very stable jQuery and javascript knowledge

Invision (I'm not used to it yet)