Where can i find the templates for : Friends and foes
Topic(s) being watched
i have found in the profile_add_body : Information
Signature and Avatar codes :d

There is no templates for them :(

so how can i modify them ?Happy

Hmm how do you want to do? Smile

Gangstar15 I met across the main-head class i want all off them to look like this Smile is just a test but you get the idea of what i want to do Happy

I can't view the forum xD

nickname: test pass:123456dragos

Yea.. so you want to move the page-title down Smile? this can be done with jQuery Smile
had the same problem .D

yes but i wanna to move the page-title for all of them : Information
Friends and foes
Topic(s) being watched
Happy I'm not to good an jQuery but i want to learn Happy

Hmm.. put this in your overall_header or announcements :=)

<script>jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('.page-title').before('<br /><br />').after('<br />');});</script>

I didn't get what you want Happy
So you want to make he blue background for the titles like the page-title background Happy

I want to put a image to replace the blue backgroundu but meet class page-title or main-head and she is seen in several places on the forum and I want to customize just there

Saxaca, can you give me the code for if location Smile