I'm gonna be harsh for a bit for i want answers on my confusion...
i have sets of questions here and you can answer it carefully without giving the codes...or without revealing the secrets..

here are the questions..i hope you can answer it all...

1. I really love this text-editor which i am typing on atm, is the new wysiwyg enabled now?
or this is just a customized one, if so? are the codes only for premium members or for trusted staffs...

2. what you did on UCP button , RECENT TOPICS, TOP POSTERS, AND HOT TOPICS are pretty amazing...
what jquery did you use on it...are the codes confidential?

3. how about the side nav on the left? i think its pretty simple, but i don't have any idea...

4. the "move to top button", its cool, but the tut you gave on one of the asker is pretty different with that of this site,..
because on this site, the move to top is fading as you go on top and appears when you move out to the top to go to the bottom...
how exactly you did it...

other questions, uhh..many more,..just need to figure it out first..with the above questions..i failed to learn it myself...

1. Its the old editor but customized yah Happy
2. I used jQuery and ajax
3. I will the fixed position with CSS (:
4. I used another jQuery code for that (:

atleast you have given me a hint..hehehe...i wonder if you can teach me one on one...

hehe.. u must wait Happy
btw.. the tutorials will be in the premium sections xD
because i will make videos Happy

uhhh, d***, i can't afford it..ahahaha..

How can we become premium members ?

Read this...
Click Here

All those features are actually pretty simple Happy

really? well, i need someone to teach me one on one..hahaha...well...if you have time,,

edit... i found out how to do the scroll to top...
i google it and found this


There is many different ways to make the scroll to top (:

yes, true.. and i found it similar to this...which i really love..hahaha...need to work on some things though

Good luck then bro! Happy

-What's going on the graphic requests Razz?

Gangstar15 wrote:Good luck then bro! Happy

-What's going on the graphic requests Razz?

about the request..hehe, i dont know if my work was good enough, still working on the background, since he only gave the "cup"
image, i was thinking if the coffee background suits it..

additional inquiries and questions...

1. is the whole forum uses blog instead of forum...
2. is it a secret, this customization of text editor..can you teach me now if not...
3. can you give me a hint on what jquery you used on UCP, hot topic, recent post, and top posters

1. Yeps
2. There is nothing new with the editor (:
3. I used ajax to walk to the portal and get the widgets (:
also used the absolute position with CSS and use the slideToggle to show and hide the widget and the UCP panel (:

i know there is nothing new with the editor, but how do you change the icons

4. what do you called the fonts used on this form

Used jQuery (:
there is a tut in the premium section
4. Yanone Kaffeesatz

hahaa, so that is exclusive for premium users...hehehe...anyway...

not all computer have that kind of font in their system, how come i am able to see it?though i dont have that installed in my computer

Hehe Happy its hosted by google Razz

really? i will just input it on my css?
or do i need to do something

now i don't need to answer...hehehe...what i need to find out is how to edit my editor's icons

Well Happy it looks like that you are the most active user Happy so tomorrow u will be the winner of the contest we have Razz
then u can change them Happy

i am the most active asker hehehe, but i have't helped yet..
(oops, i helped one, when he ask about how to become a premium user)...
but that's a matter of searching the forum...

maybe i have read 80% of the topics and forums here..(what i mean is, the post available for me)...

@topic, i also tried looking on the source codes of this site, from post_body, compared it to my template,..
i was trying to discover, how to change the editor of now, ive seen the icons you used..but i don't tried changing my templates yet for you have said, you used jquery...hehehe..

hmmmmm, i wish you can finish your tutorials early...
im trying to figure out the tipsy thing, when I did, i will make a tut for it..
so less hassle for you

We already have a tut about tipsy Happy
short answer Happy