Someone reported an abuse and wrote that i stole the codes for the Recent Topics and the others from thefacebookforum, but i want to say that you should continue your dream! because not ONLY thefacebookforum can do these!!!

STOLEN!? no.. i dont think so.

Yah.. dion reported that. lol he thinks that he is the master here and knows everything -.-''
he really makes me laugh Evil

why he reported that?

He reported it to me.. like an abuse .. you know (:


Man I hate that thefacebookforum Evil

I also do!
because if something make the same thing like they have, then they say "You stole it from thefacebookshiit"!

Yeah just like with me when i create that Facebook theme and they did the same but who cares.

I hate FB...not just forum...

Jan wrote:I hate FB...not just forum...