Hey guys!
as you can see on the picture those arrow i want to change them.

Then it will be hard for you to change them Happy because they are almost in all templates + they are HTML (:
you can find them inside the crumbs
here is any example:

<div class="pun-crumbs noprint">
   <p class="crumbs">
      <a href="{U_INDEX}">{L_INDEX}</a>{NAV_CAT_DESC} » 
      <strong><a href="{TOPIC_URL}">{TOPIC_TITLE}</a></strong>

The arrow are "& r a q u o ;" without spaces

ok thanks! but can i put one arrow image for them.

Then you will need jquery to replace them all (:
use this:

Where to put this code in Templates >>>> sry but this is my first time using templates xD

You can put it in the templates ya (:
above the end of the head tag:


Ok I'll try to fix it xD

Good luck then (:
tell me if it works Happy

I can't fix that.

$(function() {
  $('.crumbs').html($('.crumbs').html().replace('One', 'Two. Use single quotes.'));