From now on you can see the "Recent topics", "Hot Topics" & "Top Poster" just by click a button the forum index!
Plus I've also added the "Keywords" widget in every topic.
It can be found at the bottom of the topics (:

I hope you like these feature and find them useful!

Naize. Razz

Tak tak Happy
I think WD will never stop making new updates/features Happy

Nice update! Smile

Glad you like them! Happy

This forum is always have a awesome features, perhaps if the forum are sold the price will be very expensive. just kidding Wink & Tongue

Thanks thanks Happy
-LOL Happy Wink

A new feature has been added!
to check just click the UCP link in the navbar and you will see the awesome user control panel.

Ouch...i like it... Good job boss Wink

wow!! awesome..i love it..wanna learn it...

Thanks guys Happy
I will write awesome tutorials for these features! :d

wow....maybe i can help if you teach me now..hahaha

Haha Happy
You can't learn everything in one day Happy

hahaha...then teach me one everyday..hehehe...

Just wait for me Happy i have school and many other things! Happy

Awesome work. Wink

If Gngstar is gonna give lessons include me! Smile

Haha Happy
Video tutorials coming soon Happy just want to find a good video recorder then i will record tutorials Happy

Thanks for Nemanjaa for giving me the idea of make another drop down menu in the navbar Happy
Well, click the "Mailbox" link in the navbar and you will see what it will show Happy


Camtasia studio is the best.

Thanx Happy

-Ya I installed it today, its awesome Happy

And it doesnt use much resources.

And the quality is really good.

Right but i need to know it more so i can cut the videos Smile

camtasia..hahaha....i told yah

boss the jQuery is not good,, but u make it amazing with your charm Tounge

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