How can I do a page to auto load as home if the user is logged out and not to log if the user is already logged ?

I not sure if that possible but saxaca has a code maybe it can help (:
lets see if he reply Happy

I didn't quite get the question. I might be able to help.. just describe a little bittle dittle tittle Happy

Well I want to create a page that will be used as homepage but I want it to load ONLY if the member is logged out.If he did not log out to his/her last session, I do not want it to load.

For Example Facebook: If you log in and if you after some time go out by closing the tab or the browser (with keep me logged in checked) it does not load the home page that contains the login form.If you left it logged in it does not do that.


How Can I do that ??



$(function() {
x = $('a.mainmenu:last').get();
if (!=o && x[0].href.indexOf('/login?logout')!=-1) {

What's what i mean Saxy Happy hope it works Happy

Crying It did not work... I tried logging in and the page remains there... Crying