Hello all..
Today i was bored and saw that all the avatars don't fit with the new theme so I've created some new avatars.

For those who want to have their own avatars then it must be 80px x 80px (:

And if you can't created your own avatar just request one in the Graphics request section (:

All the avatars above are added to the Avatars Gallery (:

PS: more avatars coming soon (:

Enjoy Smile

great Happy

(what going on with my page XD )

Thanks Happy

(I don't code if I'm bored Wink )

ok then i will keep waiting ;p

Nice I like them Smile

Glad you do Happy

Haha. Love my custom one Happy

Glad you like it Evil Happy

it's nice Smile

Hehe its nice Happy
+ Added Wink

New Avatars Added:

There are so cool!Can you tell me name of font that you used here:

Thanks Happy
And sure here

New Avatars Added:

[info]New avatars added[info-]

Love them good job Gangstar15 Smile

Thanks ;D

Really nice, you could use the Forumotion gallery to put them.

They are already there Razz