Personally, I love this theme Happy

I to love it but the colors are no good on my computer so idk about you guys. Smile

Thanks for the feedbacks though Happy

hehehe i'll help u .. look to my rank Tounge

i'm good in designing but zero with coding Silent

Lol.. do you really believe that I'm looking for someone to help me?? Geek

I don't think so cuz your very skilled xD

I do actually believe, at some points, I'm better than Gangstar Razz

Like? Happy

Writing AJAX scripts that dion flattens Happy

Lol Happy
But here we are talking about designing Razz

Buhuu Stress

Really nice theme, but i don't like the font typ.

Thanks Happy
For me this is the best font ;D

I love this font. Happy

So we are 2 now Saxy Happy

oh damn man ! this themes very looks awesome man ! and i like the font too ! Shuck

Shuck Shuck

Wow, epic work! It doesn't even look like an FM Forum o.O

Glad you like it guys Happy
Storm, you are right Happy

Btw, just to say this here so all can see it, in some days there be themes requests for premium users (: but this is not free Happy because we will make pro themes Wink

Technicially, it is a forumotion board Razz
It looks like one too. It's the blog feature that's on.

Like one?
you mean Fomix or what? (:

Like a Forumotion board. Nothing really special here, looking through the fact it looks awesome Razz

Ah Happy of course its a Forumotion board, but he saids that it don't look like the normal forums Happy

That's because the BLOG feature is activated Happy

Okay Saxaca. Smile

Sorry for offtopic (i dont know and dont care what you 2 talk about Razz )
but this theme and the whole categories view reminds me of Ubuntu's homepage XD

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