Hello all.. just want to tell that World Dezign will get a new awesome theme and new forums' icons made only for WD!

Great updates! Keep up the great work guys.

Good stuff Wink

Check PM.

Hehehehihihihohohohahaha Happy

Saxaca spamming :O

And the theme will not be dark again xD

Not spammin' Razz
Just bein' evil. Happy

i'm looking to see it boss Very Happy
:->: togahter to design new life

Designing new life Happy

Always Happy

I just copied Fomix theme to WD because Fomix will be down Smile was a good idea

Really nice job WD team Smile

Team? Happy.. lol Wink

Gangstar always do stuff on his own.. I'm being discriminated.. Tounge

Lol... you guys never helped with WD themes Razz

I never even get asked Tounge

Man.. i always make topic about the new theme and ask for suggestions Happy

Suggestions Tounge

lol Happy its same as help ;D

or shell i say Gangstar Happy this theme looks to much white on my computer -.-

No its ok because without theme WD it not WD now lol Happy
-hmm.. should i make it darker? Happy

Best is to wait for other members and see what they say. Happy

Sorry, but i don't like this theme.

Ya, i know you don't like it mester Smile
Therefore we are looking for someone to make a theme for us Wink
Can u Happy?

Sorry, i can't make skins for punBB.

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