Where's Gangstar15 ?
April 13, 2011 is the last day that he get online ?
Too bad no one help us by now .
We miss him Happy .

Gangstar, Japorized and Platinium are busy. Gangstar's taking a break. As for me, I cannot write code on my phone.

Oh i see .
When he will go back ?

Well I'm around, even though I'll be off for another 3 weeks for exam later. I'll announce my absence later on. The mid-year exam is a real pain in the rear. xP

Oh so hard . Lol .
Well Good Luck to you Japorized .

Well i hope Sir Gangstar15 have a fine and fun and full of rest vacation .

Ty Happy

And I'm back Wink

Ooohh . Welcome back sir Gangstar15 Happy .

Thank you Wink

Welcome back gangstar15!