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General Rules

  • You are allowed to have 1 account on this forum. Creating multiple accounts to circumvent suspensions will result in a permanent ban from this forum..

  • Any images used in your signature or avatar may not total more than 50 KB. Signatures that contain content that disrupts the browsing experience for any user will be removed without prior notice to you..

  • Please do not ask to become a staff member. Eligible members will be contacted by a forum Administrator, and are selected based on an approval process of the current Staff..

  • Do not assume the role of a moderator or administrator. Telling another user what to do, where to post or to follow the rules is a job reserved for our Staff. Any user caught in the act of "Backseat Moderating" will be warned via PM. Repeat offenders will have their access to the forum suspended or restricted. If you spot someone breaking the rules and wish to help out, you may use the report button on the offending post.

Posting Guidelines

  • Do not make it your aim to disrupt the Community by targeting users with content that is offensive, invasive, vulgar, hateful or harassing.

  • Before posting, ask yourself if the content you're submitting contributes to the topic. If it doesn't your post might be treated as spam and removed. Users suspected of spamming in order to make a code request will lose their privileges to request any code in the future.

  • Images with large file sizes should be linked to, rather than posted. Any image that disrupts the browsing experience for any user may be edited or removed without prior notice to you.

  • Please post your topic in the most appropriate section. Off topic discussions posted in the resource or support forums will be moved.
  • You may not posts advertisements on our forum. You may advertise in your signature, your profile and your blog so long as the links do not contain content which violates the Terms of Use.

The World Dezign Staff make use of a warning system. This system is capable of documenting a users history so that all members of the staff can make informed decisions when deciding to punish a user. If during your time here on our forums you break one of our rules, you will be contacted via our personal message system. Repeat offenders may have their access to this forum terminated or restricted.

Please understand that these rules are subject to change at any time. You are encouraged to check back regularly to see if new additions have been added. You will not be contacted if these rules change, however new rules will be highlighted in green so you can easily identify which content is new. Major changes to these rules will be posted on our Announcements & News Forum.

#Rules Updated
12/1/11 8:21 PM.

- Crappy, Useless and spammy posts are NOT tolerated.

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