World Dezign

First Impressions - Rating: Excellent
    I would like to start this review off with a positive rating for such an exquisite site. When I first arrived at your forum for this review, I was astonished by the design. I now know that you chose the perfect name for your forum because you truly do have the goods that come with it. I love how your design is truly original, and how your forum consists of so much entertainment, activity, and professionalism. I applaud your profession in web design because it truly can be demonstrated by looking at your forum. I liked how you organized everything so that the forum can be easily navigated. I have one suggestion however, because your forum consists of much entertainments and activities, i suggest that you create a topic explaining everything you have on your forum. One example would be how to manage your profile, or how to make your first post. This would really help new and lost members.

    There is so much positive feedback I have, that I must keep to a long story short type of writing. Everything that needs to be brought out will be found throughout this review.

Graphics & Layout - Rating: Excellent
    Your forum's design is so elegant and at the same time modernized. When I say this, I mean that your forum doesn't look old, but more of a futuristic texture blended into the graphical art put into this forum. I love how all of your graphics have artistic value, as if they can actually represent real world art. Your graphics all blend in with your color scheme, and they all match with each other. Your several techniques of design and organization is at a very high level, and I congratulate your work.

    Your several graphical creations all represent a very high standard of virtual images. They all have sentimental value in the eyes of some due to the fact that they are all professionally done. I love how your forum's elegant patterns can be found in many places, even in your banner. Your elegant pattern is the floral effect that can be found in many places of your forum.

    Your layout is the perfect choice as it organizes every topic on your forum into the appropriate forum, and by doing so, making your forum's navigation much easier. It looks very professional with the hover effects, and the several CSS codes used to finalize the look. Your works put into one creates an extraordinary website/forum.

Forum Activity - Rating: Good
    Your forum's activity is an above average level pertaining to posts, but not through an equal amount of members. Please don't take this the wrong way, your forum is highly active, but it lacks the amount of members coming back in the last 24 hours. Your forum has 153 registered users at the moment, and that is a great achievement, however, I do suggest that from time to time you sponsor some kind of promotion that would persuade almost every member to come back. I know this sounds impractical, but you never know until you try. Your forum is doing great, and I still congratulate you on your work.

Staff & Usergroups - Rating: Excellent
    Your forum is doing absolutely great in the criteria of Staff & Usergroups. You have the perfect amount of Staff, but I do suggest that you change the "GFX Designers" to "Graphic Designers." In my opinion, it looks much more professional like this. You can keep it how it is, but that's just my suggestion, but you have the final say in this. I also like how your forum has the major groups, and not the etcetera groups. Your forum is at the highest rank in this criteria, and I suggest that you keep doing what you know is best here.

Originality & Unique Quality - Rating: Excellent
    Your forum is so original, that it really stands out. I have seen many forums like yours, and I do believe that in comparison, they're equal in the originality criteria. The uniqueness of your forum is definitely displayed through your design, activity, and contribution of your own posts. As the founder, the posts that you make are definitely unique as they can come from no other person. Keep up the good work.

    To summarize this review, I would like to say that your forum is truly one of the best I have seen, but to make it the best out of the best, you will have to think of something so extraordinary that you have never seen it on any forum. Keep up the good work, and good luck! Wink

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Great job Gangstar! Keep up the work

Awesome job Smile This style and not only is better than ever !

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It's weird congratulating you when I already did in the review Razz

In all seriousness though, all thoughts/opinions are mentioned in the review. Congratulations Smile