Key reasons that makes a member of the month:
1. Good contributions, i.e Creating Topics, Replying to Members needing help, Creating Tutorials etc.
2. Greeting New Members
3. Referring New Members*
4. Spreading the Word about the Forum*
5. Excellent Code of Conduct (No Rudeness, Spamming your link etc)

Additional Things to consider.
6. Post suggestion for the forum
7. Uploading some of your Art/Images to the Gallery (Coming Soon!)

Q. If I win a member of the month title and get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place is it still possible to win future months?
A. Yes! It's totally open, there's no reason why a user could not come 1st 10x in a row, it simply comes down to the best contributers of that particular month.

Q. How do I get my prize?
A. I will contact the lucky winners via pm to send the awards. Your special badges & title will be added to your profile.

Q. What is the prize?
A. It can be a HTML page, forum logo/banner, button, icons, tutorial etc..

Q. How will people know i'm a winner?
A. You badge will be displayed under your username on every post/topic you create, your name will appear on the winners archive and also feature in the announcements.