PunBB... Maybe cause I'm more accustomed to it. phpBB2 has too much tables which I don't really like...

Same as Japo! Happy

Gangstar15 wrote:Same as Japo! Happy
Same too.

Thanks Smile

One more question Smile Can a phpbb2 forum be turned in a punbb ?

thanks Smile

Its easy from ACP to change the forum version, but if you want to use phpbb2 version with punbb templates & CSS then you are need really really long time to turn it into punbb (:

Well I was thinking to turn my site in punbb Smile

Ok thank's Happy

As i said, you can change it from the ACP - display..etc.. (:

Phpbb3 Smile

LOL! Sorry if that didn't help.

I love ever board version BUT phpBB2.