Hello guys, today I haven't something to do so I've created a simple HTML page & i want to give it our to all (:

You can edit anything inside it but please leave the copyright link in footer (:

Here is a picture preview

Download from here

Its easy and simple to use! enjoy it (:

thanks for this!

You're welcome (:
Ty Saxy ;D

Will you make more?

I thinks so (:
Every week one page (:

Cool Gangstar15!

use it,but dont abuse it Wink

I may have to use this!


Thank you Smile

I have Download this but where the css goes I mean where to put them.

U want to use it as forumotion HTML page?

Yes if that's ok from you! Smile

Just copy the CSS and put it inside the index.html (:
use this

<style type="text/css">THE CSS GOES HERE</style>

I don't know what's wrong but if you need to see the code then i can pm it to you. Smile

Ya do it Happy