saw Gangstar15's thread so i started mine Smitten

How many coding languages u know and how good you are in them? (:

(Not counting JQuery cause its a library Razz )
(i also know some of the prototype framework )

WEll for HTML i dont think its something really hard and it doesnt have much to learn,so i would say around 9 cause i dont remember how to make forms Smile
For css i know all of it however i have not been using it for much much time so i would rate it 7 Smile
FOr Javascript i hate to say thats its my favourite from all the above Happy Its so cool that you do awesome things with it and even the most long js codes are actually made from javascript basics mixed together Smile I also know how to work with Javascript and the Document Object Model.Of course i didnt learn it from w3schools but from mozilla and other better websites.
I have much more to know,and since i dont really like rating myself i will rate my skill level to 1 Smile

Cool cool.. but i'm sure that there is alot of HTML tags that you never heard about before Happy and CSS too XD