As the titles says let us know what you think about the new theme Happy

In the future, there will be a theme changer (:

Prefer the other one mate. (white one)

I like this one !!! but change the font-color on these buttons Your opinion on the new theme Ghnewt10 to white Smile

Perfect match !

#PlatinumWata, i didn't asked about which theme is better?
#sgeorge, i know.. i still working on it (:

Fine for me. Happy

This theme is decent mate.

Its black (which I hate black for forums), but you did an amazing job blending the color in with the white, so it doesn't hurt the eyes.

I would be happy use this one.

As i said.. there will be a theme changer in the future, we will have black and white (:
Or maybe more colors if i have time Happy

Theme changer doesn't work ;(

Remember my one, their was an issue with it...

But i hope it will work here Happy

Maybe Wink

The issue were just the fact that javascripts are not first priority in a page.
This new theme is cool, really cool. But, I did like the last one better.

@Saxaca: I thought I was the only one thinking of that...

Why you all like the last theme better than this? do you just like the layout or just the color? (:

I like this theme

Maybe it's the color that's affecting my appetite. Smile
Both the layouts are fine for me.

Cool then Happy
Soon i will work on the white/light theme Wink