Hello guys, I want two things done.....if you could do that it would be awesome!

1) I want a something like Creation Nation thing. I wanted all this along, as so many websites has this.....anyone know how to do this ? That slider thing at top....not the exact same of course, but something like it....I can do the images Wink

2) I want to have a changer with the backgrounds and logo....I want it where I can change my logo and background...

Any help?

Thanks lads...

Thanks mate, but im going to need help with the changer.....

If I make you admin of my forum for a few minutes, could you do it mate please ?

Sorry to make you do it, but just not very good with that stuff...

Thanks mate!

Host all the files, and do your thing in the homepage message.

I will give it a try.

Mark this locked please.

As requested, locked.