Hello guys,
I have a project in school called "Making a difference", and I chose Facebook,
Well, I have to tell people how facebook made a difference, can you guys give me some tips Happy

It made people able to communicate with natives faaaar away.
Damn javascript <.<

Gave people the ability to have LIVE comunication whcih is very important.Moreover, fb is place anyone can talk for everything he/she wants and share anything he/she wants.Also you can easily make friends...!

But !!!

it has brought also and many dangers... such as privacy data and other things like that !

Thanks guys.. that helped Happy
Then okay, what is the positive & negative things in facebook (:

positive : You can chat with your friends, play games, meet new people,...
negative : people can act as someone else with the intention to hurt you for example.

Thank you Happy
We also talked that Happy
what about the fan page, hate pages? Happy also groups? (:
And sometimes people write stupid things in their status ;D

It was the first website developed into a social network (:

positives :
communicate with friends
play games
share pics or status messages with friends

may be addicted to it
facebook friends are not really friends
get abused by some users

Thank you Nick & all for the help ;D

Pros and Cons of Facebook

You have the ability to find old friends and reconnect with them.
You can keep in touch with your friends, no matter how far apart you'll are physically.
You can keep your friends and family members updated about what is happening in your life.
You can promote yourself and any other work that you do.
You can make many new like minded friends by joining various groups and communities.
You can share your favorite music and videos with your friends.
You can play many different games and use many different applications.
You can communicate with your friends at any time you want.

To balance out these advantages, there are bound to be some cons of Facebook as well

You will get bombarded with unwanted friend requests from many unknown people.
Your friends and family members will be able to snoop around and know what is happening in your life at all times.
Your pictures could be misused.
You might mistakenly befriend an individual with dishonorable intentions.
You will get unwanted newsfeeds about every single activity that your friends perform on Facebook.
Your friends will get newsfeeds about every single activity that you perform as well.
You will get bombared by spam and annoying advertisements from time to time.
You will witness unnecessary dramatization of unimportant occurrences in your friends lives.
Anyone on Facebook will be able to see your information and pictures, if you do not update your privacy settings regularly.
Your friends may tag you in a picture that you do not want others to see.
Applications will ask you for many details that you would not normally give out.
You will waste many hours because Facebook is addictive for most people.

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I love that George!
You saved my day man! Happy
Thank you very much Wink

PS: I will help you tomorrow ;D