How do I make something like that announcement thing that WD has ?

Its just a background and position (:

Could I use that one mate please ?

I love it so much!

Then it would be a copy (:
Make your own background please (:

Alright mate, how big ?

I'll make one now, but how big it be ?

as you want.. its ur

Alright, gimme two seconds....will PM you what I make.


EDIT: Give me the code without the image, so I have it for when im done mate.

Post the image here.

Can the announcements be styled on phpbb2 ?


Made it on scratch..

<div style="float: right; margin: 5px auto;"><img src="" alt="Announcement" title="Latest news" /></div><br style="clear: right;" />

guys, i am bored seeing people asking codes from wd.As the rules state,