How can i allign this to left side ? How can i fix this ? Here's my index_box :

<div class="pun-crumbs">
   <p class="crumbs"><a href="{U_INDEX}">{L_INDEX}</a><strong>{NAV_CAT_DESC}</strong></p>
<div class="main">
<!-- BEGIN catrow -->
   <!-- BEGIN tablehead -->
      <div class="main-head">
         <div class="page-title">{catrow.tablehead.L_FORUM}</div>
      <div class="main-content">
         <table cellspacing="0" class="table">
                  <th class="tcl">{L_FORUM}</th>
                  <th class="tcr">{L_LASTPOST}</th>
            <tbody class="statused">
   <!-- END tablehead -->

   <!-- BEGIN forumrow -->
                  <td class="tcl" style="padding-right: {catrow.forumrow.INC_LEVEL_RIGHT}; padding-left: {catrow.forumrow.INC_LEVEL_LEFT};">
                     <span class="status" style="margin-right: -{catrow.forumrow.INC_WIDTH_ICON}; margin-left: -{catrow.forumrow.INC_WIDTH_ICON};">
                        <img title="{catrow.forumrow.L_FORUM_FOLDER_ALT}" src="{catrow.forumrow.FORUM_FOLDER_IMG}" alt="{catrow.forumrow.L_FORUM_FOLDER_ALT}" />
                     <div style="float: right;"><span><span><b>{catrow.forumrow.POSTS}</b></span> Posts in
                  <span><b>{catrow.forumrow.TOPICS}</b> </span>Topics </span><br><br><span>
<!-- BEGIN switch_topic_title -->
<a href="{catrow.forumrow.U_LATEST_TOPIC_POST}" title="{catrow.forumrow.LATEST_TOPIC_TITLE}"> {catrow.forumrow.LATEST_TOPIC_NAME}</a><br>

<!-- END switch_topic_title -->

                     <!-- BEGIN switch_moderators_links -->

                     <!-- END switch_moderators_links -->
                     <strong>{forumrow.L_SUBFORUM_STR}</strong> {forumrow.SUBFORUMS}
                  <td class="tcr">
   <!-- END forumrow -->

   <!-- BEGIN tablefoot -->
   <!-- END tablefoot -->
<!-- END catrow -->

<!-- BEGIN switch_on_index -->
<div class="main-box clearfix">
      <li><a href="{U_TODAY_ACTIVE}">{L_TODAY_ACTIVE}</a></li>
      <li><a href="{U_TODAY_POSTERS}">{L_TODAY_POSTERS}</a></li>
      <li><a href="{U_OVERALL_POSTERS}">{L_OVERALL_POSTERS}</a></li>
   <!-- BEGIN switch_delete_cookies -->
   <p class="right">
      <a href="{switch_on_index.switch_delete_cookies.U_DELETE_COOKIES}">{switch_on_index.switch_delete_cookies.L_DELETE_COOKIES}</a>
   <!-- END switch_delete_cookies -->
<!-- END switch_on_index -->

Try replace this:

<div style="float: right;">
<div style="float: right;margin-left: 200px;">

Nothing happens . Im using PunBB .

ok, try this:

<div style="float: right;margin-left: 200px;position: absolute;">

Still not working T__T .

Now change the 200px to 500px until you find the best place (:

Thanks Gangstar15 . Now working but, can i ask 1 more question ?
How can i make it on the center ?

This is what i meant :

I want to put those with the black circled on the green lign .


Here's what i use now :

<div style="float: right;margin-left: 650px;position: absolute;">

Center what.. you can still play with the margin-left to center it Smile

No . I mean, the allignment is now ok . But i want to center it .

Here's some image :

I want those "0 post in 0 topic" to be alligned with the green line .

Replace this:

<span><b>{catrow.forumrow.POSTS}</b></span> Posts in
<div style="text-align:center"><span><b>{catrow.forumrow.POSTS}</b></span> Posts in
                  <span><b>{catrow.forumrow.TOPICS}</b></span>Topics </span><br><br><span></div>

Wow . Nice . This is now done Smile .
Thanks Gangstar15 ^^ Smile .