A professional website design is a key factor in the growth at a business and to make your online presence more effective.  A professional website design firm can help you achieve this by providing you quality work at affordable rates.  While designing a website certain factors have to be noted.
i)  Choose plain backgrounds to give a professional look to the site.
ii) Don’t use too many graphics and heavy images which increase the loading time at a webpage.
iii) The colors should be matching with the general theme.
iv) Smooth and easy navigation.
In order to make your website more attractive, you can convert images into Flash slideshows with background music.  Although the process is quite expensive, today many cost – effective slideshow designer tools are available to create a dazzling Flash slideshow.  To create a slideshow, first select a folder with the pictures you intend to include.  Choose the slideshow templates as you require.  Then add images, text and sound to the slideshow and finally published.
Banners are also an effective marketing tool.  It is a very effective strategy to advertise your brand identity.  The process is quite expensive if done professionally.  However you can get genuine banner designer tools for free and create your own banner.
To create a new banner, follow the given steps
1.  Select a standard banner type and specify its height and width.
2.  Add the required color frames and graphic effects.  You can fill images if you want to.
3.  You can use a preloader which appears every time the banner load
4.  In case you need to replay the banner, add a replay button.  Specify the destination link.
5.  Save the banner.
6.  Click the Publish button on the top right side to publish the banner.

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