Gangstar helped me install a theme changer which is awesome!

However, it has a problem, that can be fixed, and would be wicked if its fixed.

So, to begin.

To to

Pick style dark please, and then click a section. When you click a section you see it trying to go back to the old style, and then the new can I fix this?

The light theme is fine.

I've tried, but I can't see any problem Smile

Their is a problem mate.

What do you see when you get black template, and then click a section? Dont you see it switch to blue, the back to black?

It's normal. I don't think it can be fixed.

Dang, quite mad about this.

It looks so bad, as every time you click something, it changes really quickly to blue, then black ;(

Wish their was something that would be better.

It's the script that loads when the page is ready. Blue is the default theme, so until the script has loaded..
.. it is blue.

Yeap, but how do I fix this?

I know website with template changers, and they don't have this issue.