My frist  Baby  leopard Drawing  2011 Tiger_11

MY cam is real bad XD but I post it any way

when i get better cam i will update this Razz

Did you draw this? Oh my God Smile
You are a talented drawer Sean, With what did your work? Acrylic Paint?

You know, you are pro Happy

Well emilio , I used a normal sketch pad

for the drawing I used Crayola Colored Pencils witch is very cheap XD

soon do some with the Prisma color pencils witch is the best an way more pricey .

Big G

thank you bro

Yeh , I work with Prisma pencils and indeed , they ain't cheap.
How long did it take for this work?

2-4 Hours?

less than an hour

I was ask to do it by a female friend who own a art forum on forumotion .

she love animals , but me on other hand love to draw humans more .

Just showing here that I can draw animal as well