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First Impressions - Rating: Average
    My first impression when I came there is good, I can see that the forum looks really professional by the looks of its designs, codes that are on the forum, layout, organization of forum, the graphics on it, the colors etc. The forum looks professional overall when you stare at it on the index view, Everything looks clean too, although some things you may haven't noticed on the index that may look unprofessional, the view here on my computer is that the last forum on a category blocks the total amount of posts & topics of a forum/category, if you get what I mean, the stats showing the amount of posts & topics on a forum is blocked by your last forum on each category which looks unprofessional, I think you should fix that, I also noticed that it's kinda laggy to move around the forum, I don't know if it's with my pc but it's just too laggy there, but other than that, other things looks fine.

Graphics & Layout - Rating: Good
    I will start mainly with the major graphics, so starting with the banner, I'd say it's brilliant! It first perfectly to the forum, the colors, design, font, font color perfectly blends with the forum lay out/colors, You got a nice professionalism on your banner, so great work here! The navigation bars are lined up on a black/dark header and they look fine, the font also perfectly matches with the colors of the forum and with the banner, nice work here too, the images on each forums are great too, the quality is good and makes the index colorful a bit, nice work here too, I think it's also fine if you don't have any 'Who is Online?' image since the forum is greatly designed with graphics.

    For the organization/overall content of the forum, As I'd mentioned from my first impressions, you had a great organization of forums, rather than having the old style of presenting forums, you had them presented horizontally which looks really unique and professional, the categories and forums relates well with the main subject of the forum which is about coding, the positions of categories and forums are fine too. Although you might also want to fix the stats thingy for each category as I'd mentioned on the 1st impressions.

    For the colors/lay out of the forum, you had a great pick of colors! I must say a combination of teal and light gray/gray looks professional and unique for me too since most forums doesn't have any teal colors, the colors also look smooth!... Nice work on this aspect.

Forum Activity - Rating: Good
    From the index view, I can see that the forum has a great and smooth activity going on since there are new posts posted on most of the forums, also, since the amount of posts on the forums on each category are compiled, the forum looks very active with lots of posts shown on the statistics boards, the total amount of posts (6000 plus posts) is good for 143 members but I must say that the activity is kinda slow, the forum should have atleast 10,000 posts now for the amount of members you have.

    For the users activity, great work here, there are several/lots of members that logged in the past 24 hours and that looks great for a still growing forum, it's also great to see several members online while I'm reviewing the forum, great work.

Staff & Usergroups - Rating: Average
    I will get straight here, in total, the amount of groups are 4 and this includes the 'Manager', 'Moderator', 'Techs' & 'Graphics' group, that kind of amount is the best for a forum and all of this groups have their own function for the forum which really looks professional, the colors of the groups are fine too, with that being said, nice work here.

    I believe there are 2 admins which are in the managers group, great amount for now, not advisable to add more since the forum isn't overpopulated, there are 4 moderators, I'd say that's a great amount for now, seeing that the forum isn't that much populated, I only prefer 2-3 mods for now, and, looks like there are no designers, hire atleast one so it won't look that there's no one taking care of the graphics section, and lastly, there are 2 techs(not including the admins), it's fine, though I think this group should be having more members than the mods.

Originality & Unique Quality - Rating: Good
    As I'd mentioned above, the organization of your forums and categories makes this forum look unique so nice work on that aspect, and same with the color you picked for your forum which is 'teal' which also makes the forum look unique, although the forum doesn't look really original since I saw this kind of layout/organization before which is from Ego one, but you still got a nice work.

That review's for laughs...

Happy you don't mean that forum sucks Happy?
should it be better? Razz

Gangstar15 wrote:Happy you don't mean that forum sucks Happy?
should it be better? Razz

Its true that it sucks,but anyway.
Thanks for the free forum review.
I was a past reviewer and i know at least the basic things,The F & P website structure,colors matching and the whole organisation.

wtf Happy
its not me who reviewed it lol Happy

i know man Razz

I thank the little guy who did that job.

AH ok Happy But i think its good Happy
Good tips ;P