Was bored so wen to your blog located here -

Im in love with it mate!

I love the way you can switch template mate? How can I do that like you did?


Dark Template l Light Template.


Sorry if I am in wrong section....

I vividly think you are in the wrong section,so ill move it to the web discussion subforum Wink

He's using the jQuery .css funcion to change the backround of the page. To do this, you'll NEED to know the basics of jQuery and CSS.

Provide me with your backrounds.

Does this work with colors too mate?

Like I have two templates. (ones blue, ones black)

Both have different backgrounds, and logos, and cateogory colors.

I only used jQuery to switch the background, not the templates. And it was stumbled upon from Google. I'm only starting to learn jQuery. I won't be doing much recently, cause the exam is near.

It is simple.

jQuery(function() {
jQuery('#blue').click(function() {
return false;
jQuery('#black').click(function() {
return false;

<a id="black" href="#">Black!</a> <a href="#" id="blue">Blue!</a>